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FORTE is a very fast and flexible High-Speed USB In-Circuit Serial programmer for a wide range of popular components - microcontrollers, serial EEPROM and Flash memory chips, CPLDs and others.

FORTE is equipped with an effective over-curent and over-voltage protection. The programmer is powered from USB and it is able to provide the supply voltage for the programmed device in range from 1.8 to 5.5 V or it can work with the externally powered target application. Software for FORTE works under Windows and Linux.


  • Very fast programmer (30 MHz out, 15 MHz in/out)
  • Controlled and powered by USB 2.0 High Speed (480 Mbps)
  • Embedded processor for fast execution of complex operations
  • Both synchronous and asynchronous programming algorithms supported, JTAG support
  • Supported voltage range 1.8 to 5.5 V without any additional accessories
  • Able to supply the voltage from 1.8 to 5.5 V to the external target application
  • Programming interface offers 8 inputs/outputs with individually configurable pull-up/down resistors
  • Built-in fast hardware I/O protection which works independently on the PC software
  • Overcurrent protection on supply and programming voltage sources
  • VDD pin overvoltage protection 
  • GO button makes repetitive operations easy and quick
  • Wide range of supported devices, new software versions with new devices support are freely available from ASIX website
  • RoHS compliant
  • Command line and Windows messages support
  • Works under Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (both 32 and 64 bit versions) and Linux (using Wine)

For detailed information, visit the page Supported Devices (Middle Column for FORTE)

FORTE supports wide range of devices:

  • 32-bit ARM-based MCUs by various vendors
    For example ATSAM3N4A, ATSAMD20E18A, AT91SAM7SE512, LPC11E14, LPC810, STM32F427IG, ...
  • Microchip PIC®, dsPIC/PIC24® and PIC32® MCUs
    Serially programmable (all Flash and EEPROM parts).
  • Atmel AVR®, ATxmega, AVR32 and 8051 architecture MCUs
    For example ATtiny12, AT90S8535, ATmega128, ATxmega32D4, AT32UC3A1256, AT89S51, ...
  • Texas Instruments MSP430® and CC430® MCUs
    (Including Security Fuse blowing and Bootstrap loader memory programming).
  • Chipcon (now Texas Instruments) CCxxxx® MCUs
  • Dallas/Maxim® 1-Wire
    1-Wire devices (memories: DS24xx, 25xx, 28xx).
  • Cypress PSoC® MCUs
    CY8U21xx, CY8U24xx and CY8U27xx.
  • Silicon Labs EFM8 and C8051 MCUs
    For example EFM8BB22F16, EFM8SB10F8, C8051F326, C8051F968, ...
  • ST STM8 MCUs
    STM8S, STM8L and STM8A - e.g. STM8S207R8, STM8L152C4, ...
  • Components with JTAG interface
    - types which can be programmed using SVF or XSVF file - for example
    • CPLDs - Xilinx (XC95xx, CoolRunner, ...), Altera, Lattice and others
    • FPGA configuration Flash PROMs - Xilinx (XC18Vxx, XCFxxS)
    • Atmel ATmega
  • Serial EEPROM and Flash memories
    • I2C (24LCxx)
    • Microwire (93LCxx)
    • SPI EEPROM (25Cxx)
    • SPI Flash EPROM (M25Pxx, M45PExx, ...)
    • UNI/O EEPROM (11AAxxx, 11LCxxx)


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