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Brand: TRIPLETT Model: 9602
Triplett 9602 Sniff It Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector CAT IV-600VThe Triplett 9602 Sniff-It 2 is a high performance non-contact AC Voltage detector with adjustable sensitivity. It provides a wide measurement range of 30 to 600 Volts AC . The high sensitivity allows it to detect low voltage AC wirin..
Inc VAT£15.59
Brand: TRIPLETT Model: ET330
Triplett ET330 Non-Contact AC Voltage DetectorThe Triplett ET330 Non-Contact Voltage Detector can easily check for the presence of AC Voltage before working on a circuit. It has dual AC voltage ranges (24 to 1000V and 90 to 1000V) with high sensitivity that allows it to detect low voltage AC wiring ..
Inc VAT£10.79
Brand: TRIPLETT Model: MM200
Triplett MM200 Compact Multimeter with EBTN displayThe Triplett MM200 Compact Multimeter for the professional or DIYer measures AC/DC Voltage, Resistance, Temperature and Continuity. It features a 4000 count EBTN (Enhanced Black Twisted Nematic) display with a wide viewing angle, built-in NCV Detect..
Inc VAT£22.79
Brand: TRIPLETT Model: RHT415
Triplett RHT415 Hygro-Thermometer with Remote ProbeThe Triplett Model RHT415 Hygro Thermometer with remote probe simultaneously displays Humidity (0 to 99%RH) and Temperature (-10 to 60°C/14 to 140°F) and Comfort Level on a dual LCD with bargraph. Temperature readings are °C/°F switchable. Colour-co..
Inc VAT£59.99
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