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TH310 Digital Thermometer Milwaukee

Thousands of people have relied on the Milwaukee TH310 compact Digital Temperature Meter to read temperature in all types of applications. The durable, digital readout is fast and accuracte and best of all is environmentally friendly with NO mercury, NO glass.  From fish tanks to breweries, wineries and labs the TH310 Stainless Steel Stick probe is your quick temperature meter.

The Milwaukee TH310 compact digital thermometer is specifically designed to help professionals and home owners regulate their home brew, wine process, classroom experminents or labs duties. Keeping the proper temperature improves results of beer and wine output.  It also helps in understanding the quality of lab data.  Keep temperature in your target range for better results.


  • Fast, accurate results with large digital LCD readout.
  • Extended temperature range: -50 to 150°C Reading in Celsius Only (-58 to 302°F).
  • Cal-Check feature.
  • Fast NTC sensor response.
  • Easy measurement: just place the stainless steel probe in the sample and wait for the reading to stabilize.
  • Easy sharp Stainless Steel temperature shaft for quick penetration.
  • Stainless Steel probe for easy cleaning.
  • Long battery life, approx. 3000 hours of continuous use (batteries included).
  • High accurate digital readings.


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TH310 Digital Thermometer Milwaukee

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