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Brand: Extech Model: EX006
EX006: Weighted Base and Solution Cups Kit Disposable solution cups with caps and iron cast weighted base The EX006 is a Weighted Base and Solution Cups Kit. For use with Extech Water Quality Meters like the PH110 ExStik Refillable pH Meter or EC500 Waterproof ExStik II pH/Conductivity Meter. All..
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Brand: Extech Model: EX010
EX010: ExStik® 3ft Extension Cable with Probe Guard/Weight Extension cable for measuring in solutions that are hard to reach The EX010 is an ExStik 3 foot Extension Cable with a Probe Guard and Weight. This product is for use with Extech meters like the DO600 Waterproof ExStik II Dissolved Oxygen ..
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Brand: Extech Model: 601100
601100: Flat Surface pH ElectrodeRugged pH sensing electrode for solid products with minimal moisture contents The 601100 is a PVC-bodied, easy-to-clean flat surface pH electrode. The product is ideal for solid products with minimal moisture like cheese, soils or electrophoretic/agar gels. Inc..
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Brand: Extech Model: 60120B
60120B: Mini pH Electrode (10x120mm) General purpose, mini size glass bulb pH sensing electrodeThe 60120B is a pH Electrode. This electrode fits virtually any pH meter that accepts a BNC connector. Features a 0 to 80°C operating temperature, 0 to 14pH range, and a glass pH sensing bulb surrounded b..
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Brand: Extech Model: 601500
601500: Standard pH Electrode (12 x 160mm)General purpose, standard size glass bulb pH sensing electrode The Extech 601500 is an Electrode pH BNC Combination. This standard pH electrode includes a long 39 in. (1m) cable for hassle free use, BNC connector and storage solution bottle. Product has a ..
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Brand: Extech Model: PH103
Tripak Buffer pouches (6ea. 4,7,10 pH & 2 Rinse solutions)..
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Brand: Extech Model: PH113
Reference Refill Solution Kit for the PH110 & PH115..
Ex Tax:£15.13
Brand: Extech Model: RE305
Spare ORP ExStik Electrode Module for the Extech RE300 ORP Meter   Product Information View Datasheet  ..
Ex Tax:£39.24
Brand: Extech Model: PH220-C
Big Digit LCD display in rugged housing with cabled pH electrode * Large LCD displays pH or mV and Temperature simultaneously * Automatic Buffer recognition * Automatic Temperature Compensation via Pt-100 sensor built into electrode * Low Battery indicator and Auto Power off * Rugged design for han..
Ex Tax:£142.81
Brand: Extech Model: 6015WC
6015WC: Waterproof pH Electrode for Palm pH Palm pH Meter electrode with 4-wire waterproof connector and 39" (1m) cableThe 6015WC is a Waterproof pH Electrode with cable. For use with the Extech Model PH220-C Waterproof Palm pH Meter. Comes with a 6 month warranty. Features an automatic temperature..
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