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Hobbes Tone Generator + Probe Kit 256713A

Hobbes Tone Generator + Probe Kit 256713A
Hobbes Tone Generator + Probe Kit 256713A

The Hobbes Tone Generator is a highly practical network installation and troubleshooting tool, which features a single or multi-tone signal, two test leads and a 4-conductor modular cable. The signal emitted by the Hobbes Tone Generator can be easily traced by the Hobbes Probe, even when cables are in a bundle or hidden in a mess of punch down blocks or wall plates. The Hobbes Tone Generator & Probe can be used to verify cable continuity, identify wiring faults, and determine line polarity and voltage in network (Cat5, Cat6 and Coax) and modular telephone lines.


  • 2-position switch for single tone or multi-tone signal.
  • Toggle switch to control 3 modes of operation.
  • 3-color LED indicator display for telephone line polarity, continuity and voltage testing.
  • Black and red testing leads and standard 4¬pin modular cable for individual wire tests or modular jack tests.
  • Convenient compact size and simple application.

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