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LCR Meter

Brand: Extech Model: 380193
Measures Inductance, Capacitance and Resistance with secondary parameter (Q,D,R) Features: Simultaneous 20,000/10,000 count display of the primary parameter (L, C or R) with the secondary parameter of of Q(quality), D(dissipation) or R (resistance). Set Hi/Lo limits using absolute values or perce..
Inc VAT£226.02
Brand: Extech Model: LCR200
Extech LCR200 LCR meter. This meter will accurately measure capacitors, inductors and resistors using the test frequencies of 100Hz, 120Hz 1 kHz, 10kHz and 100kHz. The dual display will simultaneously display the associated quality factor, dissipation or phase angle value using a series or paralle..
Inc VAT£246.37
Brand: Extech Model: LCR203
LCR203: SMD Component Tweezers Optional tweezers for use with LCR200 LCR meter Features: Cable length: approximately 22" (56cm) Max component width: 0.75" (19mm) Terminals: 3 banana plugs (High, Low, Guard)..
Inc VAT£64.24
Brand: Extech Model: LCR205
Extech LCR205 SMD Component Fixture - Optional IC Component fixture for the Extech LCR200 Meter   Adjustment range: 0 to 0.375" (0.95cm) Terminals: 3 blades (High, Low, Guard) Adjustment knob  ..
Inc VAT£74.95
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