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MW170 MAX EC/TDS/NaCl/Temp Logging Bench Meter Milwaukee

The Milwaukee MW170 4-in-1 MAX EC/TDS/NaCl/Temp. Logging Bench Meter has won fans around the world with its reliable, fast and simple operation as well as its tough, sleek design and small benchtop footprint. It is accurate to ± 1% of reading for EC/TDS & Salinity with automatic, manual or no temperature compensation and a built in dedicated GLP key. Ideal for use by education, horticulture, labs, food processing, water treatment and many other applications with challenging EC/TDS/NaCL/Temp. measurement needs.

The Milwaukee MW170 4-in-1 MAX EC/TDS/NaCl/Temp Bench Logging Meter is preferred by people testing samples in various applications.  The easy-to-use logging feature allows data collection without messy notes and errors. From aquaculture, environmental, research to educators, the MW170 MAX is your meter for fast, accurate readings.

The Milwaukee MW170 MAX EC/TDS/NaCl/Temp. Bench meter offers:


People choose the MW170 4-in-1 MAX EC/TDS/NaCl/Temp Bench Logging Meter to improve the accuracy of their testing program. With easy 1 point EC calibration, 6 standard buffer choices and 2 point temperature calibration, the meter can be quickly calibrated to a higher temperature accuracy compared to other meters and it provides more accurate temperature compensation readings than a one point calibration. The MW170 MAX Bench Meter is accurate to ± 1% of reading for EC/TDS and NaCL. 

The meter comes with MA814DB/1 (4 ring) conductivity probe with a built in temperature sensor allowing the meter to automatically adjust the EC/TDS/NaCl reading for the effect of temperature (ATC).

The meter can also be used as a very accurate thermometer with accuracy +/-0.5°C (+/-0.9°F)


The rugged meter is built to take knocks and has a sleek design that includes a small benchtop footprint .


The MW170 MAX EC/TDS/NaCl/Temp Bench Logging Meter comes with the Milwaukee MA814DB/1 combination EC/Temp sensor. This is Milwaukee's top selling lab grade EC probe for a reason. Designed to be both low maintenance and able to withstand more challenging samples. The MA814DB/1 is ideal for use in horticulture, aquaculture, environmental labs, water treatment/conditioning and many other applications. 


  • Fast easy to read results with large duel level digital LCD readout.
  • Extreme accuracy to 1% of reading for EC/TDS/NaCl |+/- 0.5°C (+/-0.9°F). 
  • Extended auto-ranging feature for EC/TDS/NaCl.
  • Lightweight, sleek design featuring a small benchtop footprint.
  • Simple easy-to-use logging; manual log-on-demand or manual log-on-stability up to 1,000 records.  
  • Micro USB Port download functions. 
  • GLP data, date and time.
  • Easy measurement: just place the probe in the sample, gently stir and wait for the reading to stabilize.
  • Single cell factor calibration for EC/TDS/NaCl, automatic simple one point calibration and two point for temperature allowing increased accuracy.
  • Rugged low maintenance, high performance, easy-to-clean EC/TDS/NaCL/Temp probe.
  • Built in temperature sensor. 
  • Internal clock date to keep track of different time-dependent functions (calibration, timestamp,calibration time out).
  • 3 feet probe cables for extra flexibility when testing.
  • Includes MA9315 electrode holder, cables, adapter and probe.


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MW170 MAX EC/TDS/NaCl/Temp Logging Bench Meter Milwaukee

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