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Macro Bit Set - 97 High Quality bits CR-V steel Torx Phillips Pozidriv Security
97 Bits Standard and Rare Bits in a Aluminum Case A massive range of bits including many securi..
Microwave Leakage Checker - Checks for leaks with visual & audible leakage warning
Model: MW-100BT Digital Microwave leakage checker which is ideal for PAT Testing Engineers..
Motor & Phase Rotation Tester MPRT1
A handheld Motor and Phase Rotation Indicator designed to detect the rotary field of three phas..
NETcat Pro NC-500 Structured Wiring Troubleshooter
Model: NC-500 NETCAT PRO The NETcat Pro is a digital tool for fast, accurate checking of c..
PAT Testing Adaptor / Convertor Kit for testing IEC Leads C14 C7 C6 C13 C5
A useful kit of 3 adaptors used for PAT testing Leads. Can also be used for everyday leads that req..
PCB Holder - Holds Circuit Board when Soldering 360° Adjustable Aid
360° Adjustable PCB holder - Ideal for clamping PCBs to aid soldering Adjustable base and clamp t..
PCB Universal clamping kit 511032
Universal clamping kit (5 piece) 511032 Rigid metal structure with rubber feet for stability. ..
Pinless Moisture Meter - Suitable for Wood & Building Materials
A pinless moisture meter which is used for tracing dampness in building materials of all kinds ..
Raspberry Pi PSU
UK Mini USB power supply unit suitable for the Raspberry Pi..
Soldering Iron Kit - With 25W Iron, Iron stand + Helping Hands, Desolder Pump & Solder
Complete Soldering Kit Kit Includes: 25W Soldering Iron Helping Hands with 60 mm Magni..
SSL SL2000P Portable Noise Pollution Control System with Twin Outlets.
SSL SL2000P Portable Noise Pollution Control System With Fire Alarm Interface, Microphone and Twin..
Tronix TRX1227 USB to Serial / RS232 Converter Adaptor FTDI Chipset
This Gold Plated Fast FTDI based USB 2.0 to Serial Adapter provides an external plug & play RS..
USB C to Serial RS232 Convertor FTDI Chip - DB9
USB C to SERIAL ADAPTER (RS232) Based on the highly regarded FTDI FT232R Chipset this high qual..
USB to 4 x Serial Adapter - FTDI (USB to FOUR Port RS232)
USB to 4 x Serial Adapter - FTDI (USB to FOUR Port RS232) is a affordable, premium quality device ..
Voltage / Current Calibrator - Portable instrument for calibrating process devices & measuring process signals
Portable instrument for calibrating process devices and measuring process signals ..