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36V 400W Projector Lamp GY6.35
36V 400W  Lamp which is often found in Overhead Projectors. Used in the following projector..
Asix USB to RS232 Conversion Cable
UCAB232 is a USB to RS232 converter based on FT232BL chip by the company FTDI. UCAB232 consists of ..
BNC to 2 x Hook Clips 3ft
BNC to 2 x Hook Clips 3ft..
Cable & Wire Tracer / Tracker Kit Tone & Probe MS6812
The MS6812 cable tracker is designed to identify and trace wires or cables within a group without ..
Cable Identifier / Tester & Multimeter
Cable Identifier / Tester and digital Multimeter Identifier and cable continuity tester for up t..
Car fuse adapter Multimeter addon
Car fuse current Multimeter add-on Adaptor. * Connector Type:Max Blade Car Fuse, 2x Banana Plugs * ..
Continuity Tester Pro - Local and Remote CT-30
A pocket sized continuity tester with remote probe. Ideal for testing local components, devices an..
EHJ 250W 24V Overhead Projector Lamp EHJ250W24V
Projection Lamp - EHJ 250W - 24V Projection Lamp. EHJ 250W - 24V. Suitable for Over Head Pro..
Energizer ULTRA 4 x AA batteries
* Energizer ULTRA+ AA 1.5V PK4 * Battery IEC Code:LR6 * Battery Size Code:AA * Diameter, Body:14.3mm..
Energizer ULTRA PP3 9V Battery
Recommended 9V battery for a wide range of Test & Measurement equipment * BATTERY, ULTRA+ PP..
Extech Coating Thickness Tester CG204
Coating Thickness Tester Automatic recognition of ferrous and non-ferrous substrates Automatic s..
HDMI Cable / Lead 1 Metre
* HDMI LEAD 1 Metre * Colour: Black * Connector Type A: HDMI Plug * Connector Type B: HDMI Plug..
Hobbes NETmapper Pro with Dig. Probe Kit 256850PK
Details This set is composed of NETmapper Pro + Digital Probe Kit Displays the Ethernet por..
PLCC IC Extractor Puller Extraction Tool
A spring assisted chip carrier extraction tool specially designed for the safe removal of PLCC's fro..
Refractometer for Ethylene / Propylene Glycol RHA-200ATC Battery Fluids, Antifreeze & Cleaning Fluids
Designed for the testing of the concentration of battery fluids, antifreeze and cleaning fluids. ..