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Product Description

Hobbes Fiber Checker Pro is a Visual Fault Locator (VFL) used to accurately check and determine defects of a fiber optic cable. It sends a visible 650nm wavelength red laser light through a fiber optic cable to identify fiber cable faults (breaks, bending or cracking, pinched, or poor connections) by refracting the light and illuminating the faulty area. The Fiber Checker Pro is integrated with a universal connector that is capable of testing the most common fiber cable interfaces (ST / SC / FC / FDDA) of both Single-Mode and Multi-Mode cables. The connector is also capable of testing 1.25mm cable interface with Hobbes 2.5mm to 1.25mm adaptor.

The Fiber Checker Pro has a visibility range capacity of up to 7 kilometers (4.34 Miles) and integrated with a specially designed power circuit that supplies steady power to avoid unstable laser output when the battery is low. With two output modes; CW Mode (continuous) or PW Mode (pulse), it is simple to determine and locate fiber cable faults in various settings. The Fiber Checker Pro also includes an attached dustproof cover to prevent dust from entering the interface and incidental laser exposure to the eye. Hobbes Fiber Checker Pro pen-type design with a case makes it portable and a convenient tool to check fiber cables.

Key Features:

  • Wavelength: 650nm
  • Test both single-mode and multi-mode cables
  • Universal connector to test different interfaces: ST, SC, FC, FDDA (optional 2.5mm-1.25mm adaptor)
  • Visibility range up to 7km (4.34 Miles)
  • Determine fiber faults: breaks, bending or cracking, pinched, bad splices, and poor connections
  • Highly effective power circuits for stable laser power
  • 2 output modes: CW (continuous wave) & PW (pulse wave)
  • Built-in dustproof cover
  • LED indicator for power, battery level, and mode
  • Pen-type design visual fault locator (VFL)


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FC-2005 Fiber Checker Pro - Fiber Tester Visual Fault Locator (VFL)

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