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Electronics Tool Kit TL10269
Great value kit with the following contents: * Soldering iron * Desoldering pump * 2 x Precis..
Extech 1000A AC Clamp Meters with IR Thermometer EX810
Built-in non-contact IR thermometer with Laser pointer Average responding Autoranging with manua..
Extech 1000A AC/DC True RMS Clamp/DMM IR Thermometer Bluetooth EX845
AC/DC Clamp Meter/MultiMeter with built-in IR Thermometer and Wireless Capability True RMS Curren..
Extech 11 Function True RMS professional Multimeter EX430
True RMS, Autoranging DMM with large digit LCD display and temperature function True RMS DMM with..
Extech 12 Function True RMS IR Multimeter EX570
12 Function True RMS Industrial MultiMeter with IR Thermometer true RMS, autoranging DMM with large ..
Extech 13:1 Wide range IR Thermometer with Type K Input 42515
13:1 Wide range IR Thermometer with Type K Input Wide InfraRed temperature range:  -50 to 80..
Extech 150 psi Pressure Transducer PT150
150 psi Pressure Transducer for use with the Extech Heavy Duty Pressure Meter Compact size, NPT t..
Extech 1500A True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter + NCV MA1500
1500A True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter + NCV Integrated Non-Contact Voltage Detector Features: * True R..
Extech 20,000 Point Datalogging USB Sound Level Meter HD600
Double Molded housing with USB port This meter measures and displays sound pressure levels in dB (d..
Extech 2000A True RMS 3-Phase Clamp Power Analyzer 382075
Measures, computes and displays 3-Phase Power on Balanced or Unbalanced Loads * Display Lead / Lag C..
Extech 2000A true RMS AC/DC Clamp plus MultiMeter functions 380926
Full range MultiMeter functions with 0.1uA / 0.1mV resolution. * AC/DC current via clamp with 0.1A ..
Extech 200A AC Clamp-on Adapter CA200
AC Current measurements, no battery required. * Connects directly to most types of Multimeter * 16m..
Extech 200A AC/DC Mini Clamp meter 380941
High resolution mini clamp with Voltage, Frequency, and Resistance * High resolution to 10mA AC/DC ..
Extech 200A Mini AC Clamp Meter + NCV Detector MA150
Compact size AC Clamp meter with built-in AC Voltage detector and Flashlight * 18mm (0.7") jaw open..
Extech 20MHz 2-Channel Digital Oscilloscope MS420
Dual-channel Oscilloscope with 97mm (3.8") colour LCD display * Auto-set function optimizes the pos..