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Electronics Tool Kit TL10269
Great value kit with the following contents: * Soldering iron * Desoldering pump * 2 x Precis..
Extech 1 Metre Extension cable for BR100/200/250 Video Borescopes BR200-EXT
0.96m (38") Cable for Increasing Viewing Distance This flexible extension cable is used to increase..
£50.85 £45.77
Extech 1000A AC Clamp Meters with IR Thermometer EX810
Built-in non-contact IR thermometer with Laser pointer Average responding Autoranging with manua..
£124.96 £112.46
Extech 1000A AC/DC True RMS Clamp/DMM IR Thermometer Bluetooth EX845
AC/DC Clamp Meter/MultiMeter with built-in IR Thermometer and Wireless Capability True RMS Curren..
£258.88 £232.99
Extech 11 Function True RMS professional Multimeter EX430
True RMS, Autoranging DMM with large digit LCD display and temperature function True RMS DMM with..
£72.34 £65.11
Extech 12 Function True RMS IR Multimeter EX570
12 Function True RMS Industrial MultiMeter with IR Thermometer true RMS, autoranging DMM with large ..
£214.24 £192.82
Extech 13:1 Wide range IR Thermometer with Type K Input 42515
13:1 Wide range IR Thermometer with Type K Input Wide InfraRed temperature range:  -50 to 80..
£107.10 £96.39
Extech 150 psi Pressure Transducer PT150
150 psi Pressure Transducer for use with the Extech Heavy Duty Pressure Meter Compact size, NPT t..
£265.13 £238.62
Extech 1500A True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter + NCV MA1500
1500A True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter + NCV Integrated Non-Contact Voltage Detector Features: * True R..
£187.46 £168.71
Extech 20,000 Point Datalogging USB Sound Level Meter HD600
Double Molded housing with USB port This meter measures and displays sound pressure levels in dB (d..
£425.85 £383.27
Extech 2000A True RMS 3-Phase Clamp Power Analyzer 382075
Measures, computes and displays 3-Phase Power on Balanced or Unbalanced Loads * Display Lead / Lag C..
£640.13 £576.12
Extech 2000A true RMS AC/DC Clamp plus MultiMeter functions 380926
Full range MultiMeter functions with 0.1uA / 0.1mV resolution. * AC/DC current via clamp with 0.1A ..
£239.24 £215.32
Extech 200A AC Clamp-on Adapter CA200
AC Current measurements, no battery required. * Connects directly to most types of Multimeter * 16m..
£38.24 £34.42
Extech 200A AC/DC Mini Clamp meter 380941
High resolution mini clamp with Voltage, Frequency, and Resistance * High resolution to 10mA AC/DC ..
£243.71 £219.34
Extech 200A Mini AC Clamp Meter + NCV Detector MA150
Compact size AC Clamp meter with built-in AC Voltage detector and Flashlight * 18mm (0.7") jaw open..
£48.17 £43.35