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IR Thermometer

Brand: Extech Model: 42515
42515: InfraRed Thermometer with Type K Input 13:1 Wide range IR Thermometer with Type K Input The 42515 is a Wide Range IR Thermometer with Type K input which measures both non-contact and contact temperature. Wide InfraRed temperature range from -58° to 1472°F (-50 to 800 °C). Stores up to 20 re..
Inc VAT£133.58
Brand: Extech Model: 42512
42512: Dual Laser InfraRed Thermometer Fast response 30:1 InfraRed Thermometer with backlit dual LCD display The 42512 is a dual laser IR thermometer. This IR thermometer features dual lasers for accurate targeting with a fast (0.15s) response time and has a backlit dual LCD display. Tempe..
Inc VAT£174.78
Brand: Extech Model: 42510A
42510A: Wide Range Mini IR Thermometer 12:1 Compact InfraRed Thermometer with laser pointer The 42510A Compact thermometer measures temperature from -58 to 1200°F (-50 to 650°C) with 0.1 degree resolution for readings up to 999.9 degrees. Adjustable High/Low set points with audible alarm alerts u..
Inc VAT£119.10
Brand: Extech Model: IR200
Extech IR200: Non-Contact Forehead InfraRed Thermometer Ideal for Quickly Detecting Elevated Skin Temperature The IR200 is ideal for quickly screening individuals for elevated skin temperature. This infrared thermometer has a non-contact design that eliminates the need for replac..
Inc VAT£137.99
Brand: Extech Model: IR270
12:1 Fast Response IR Thermometer with Wide Temperature Range Fast response with high accuracy, the Extech IR270 is ideal for quick checks of multiple spots in a process or for catching spikes in temperature. Easy programmable High/Low Alarm with tri-color display and audible alarm measures non-con..
Inc VAT£77.94
Brand: Extech Model: IR320
IR320: Dual Laser IR Thermometer12:1 Waterproof IR Thermometer with High/Low Alarm Rugged design with Waterproof (IP65) and 9.8ft (3m) drop-proof protection, Extech IR320 provides fast and accurate temperature measurements up to 1202°F (650°C). Its dual guided laser shows the target area betwe..
Inc VAT£111.31
Brand: Extech Model: IR400
Extech IR400 is capable of non-contact (infrared) temperature measurements at the touch of a button. The built-in laser pointer increases target accuracy while the backlit LCD and handy push-buttons combine for convenient, ergonomic operation. Temperature range: -20 to 332°C (-4 to 630°F) 8..
Inc VAT£64.24
Brand: Extech Model: IRC130
IRC130: Thermal Imager IR Thermometer with MSXTwo-camera technology: 80 x 60 true thermal imager, visual camera, plus coaxial laser Built with dual visual and visual/thermal (MSX) cameras combined with an IR Thermometer, the Extech IRC130 provides a whole picture of what the eye cannot see. Qu..
Inc VAT£546.00
Brand: Extech Model: VIR50
The Extech VIR50 Video IR Thermometer meter is capable of making non-contact (infrared) and contact (thermocouple) temperature measurements. The built-in camera offers still image and video capturing functionality for documenting measurement locations. The meter includes a micro SD card slot for o..
Inc VAT£535.66
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