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Dissolved Oxygen

Brand: Extech Model: 407510-P
Extech Dissolved Oxygen probe for 407510 407510-P:Replacement Dissolved Oxygen probe with 4m (13ft cable) for use with the Extech 407510 Dissolved Oxygen Meter...
Ex Tax:£155.86
Brand: Extech Model: 780418
DO Internal Fill Solution ( 2 packs each with 50mL) for use with the Extech Heavy Duty Dissolved Oxygen Kit...
Ex Tax:£26.87
Brand: Extech Model: DO600
Extech DO600 Waterproof ExStik® II Dissolved Oxygen Meter DO sensor with easy to replace screw-on membrane cap with optional extension cables The ExStik® II DO600 meter displays Oxygen level as percent of Saturation from 0 to 200. 0 percent or Concentration from 0 to 20.00 ppm (mg/L). It features..
Ex Tax:£278.36
Brand: Extech Model: DO603
Extech DO603 Membrane Kit for ExStik® Dissolved Oxygen Meter Replacement screw-on membrane kit for DO sensorFeatures: Includes 6 screw on membrane caps, 15mL filling solution and polishing paper Compatible with Dissolved Oxygen sensor (DO605) of DO600 meter Specifications Range Ma..
Ex Tax:£55.63
Brand: Extech Model: DO605
Extech DO605 ExStik® Replacement Dissolved Oxygen Module Replacement dissolved oxygen sensor for ExStik® DO meterFeatures: Screw-on membrane cap for easy replacement Measures Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature Non-interchangeable with ExStik® pH, Chlorine or ORP Meter ATC via built-in Pt-100Ohm..
Ex Tax:£139.16
Brand: Extech Model: DO700
Extech DO700 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter 9-in-1 Meter with Lab PerformanceThe 9-in-1 DO700 Kit measures DO concentration/saturation, pH, mV, Temperature, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, and Resistivity. It features automatic salinity compensation and manual barometric pressure compensation f..
Ex Tax:£788.77
Brand: Extech Model: DO600-K
DO600-K: Waterproof ExStik® II Dissolved Oxygen Meter Kit Kit with DO600, replacement membrane kit, and 16ft (5m) extension cable with probe guard The DO600-K is a convenient kit which adds versatility for measuring dissolved oxygen in laboratories or out in the field with a 16-Foot (5m) extension..
Ex Tax:£460.25
Brand: Extech Model: 407510
407510: Heavy Duty Dissolved Oxygen Meter with PC interface Dual display of Oxygen concentration and Temperature407510 is a Heavy Duty Dissolved Oxygen Meter with PC interface. Recall Min, Max and Average readings. Featuring Data Hold and a Built-in RS-232 PC serial interface with optional data acq..
Ex Tax:£452.83
Brand: Extech Model: 780417A
Replacement Membranes (10/pack) for use with the Extech 407510 Heavy Duty Dissolved Oxygen Meter..
Ex Tax:£33.36
Brand: Extech Model: DO210
Extech DO210 Compact Dissolved Oxygen Meter Measures Dissolved Oxygen, % Oxygen and Temperature in WaterThe DO210 is a Dissolved Oxygen Meter which measures DO from 0 to 20.0mg/L, Oxygen Percent from 0 to 100.0% and Temperature with ATC. This meter features Adjustable Altitude and Salinity Co..
Ex Tax:£283.00
Brand: Extech Model: SDL150
This meter displays and stores Dissolved Oxygen readings in the 0 to 20.0mg/L range, Oxygen in air from 0 to 100%, and Temperature from 0 to 50ºC (32 to 122ºF). The SDL150 uses a polarographic oxygen probe that also measures temperature. %Salt and Altitude compensation can be fine tuned by the user ..
Ex Tax:£468.71
Brand: Milwaukee Model: MW600
Entry level, inexpensive Dissolved Oxygen Portable Meter for fast and reliable results. The MW600 is a compact Portable Dissolved Oxygen meter with Faster Micro Processor. This handy and ergonomically designed portable meter is ideal for anyone working on a low budget and still requires fast and re..
Ex Tax:£199.99
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