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Brand: Extech Model: 39240
39240: Waterproof Stem Thermometer Pocket thermometer with stainless steel stemExtech's 39240 is a waterproof stem thermometer. This stem thermometer is pocket sized with a digital display featuring 0.1° resolution and min/max recording. It measures temperature in frozen solids and liquids using t..
Inc VAT£25.56
Brand: Extech Model: 39272
39272: Pocket Fold up Thermometer with Adjustable Probe Stem thermometer with adjustable stainless steel probeThe 39272 is a Pocket Fold up Thermometer with Adjustable Probe. This Pocket Foldup Thermometer has a 4.5 in. stainless steel probe that adjusts at detents in 4 positions (45, 90, 135, and ..
Inc VAT£46.72
Brand: Extech Model: RH550-C
RH550-C: Extension Cable for RH550-P Spare/Replacement Cable for RH550-P Humidity/Temperature Probe (6.5 ft / 2 m) Cable is attached to the RH550-P probe to extend up to 6.5 ft (2 m). Connect up to three RH550-C cables serially to the RH550 meter without sacrificing accuracy.Features: 6...
Inc VAT£9.60
Brand: Extech Model: RH550-P
RH550-P: Humidity/Temperature Probe for RH550Spare/Replacement Humidity & Temperature Probe for RH550 Probe can either be clipped directly onto the tablet (RH550) or attached to a cable (RH550-C) to measure Humidity and Temperature. Field-replaceable probe does not require recalibration.Fe..
Inc VAT£81.60
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