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Brand: Extech Model: 380405
380405: Capacitance Decade Box Capacitance box with 5 decade ranges of capacitanceThe Extech 380405 Capacitance Decade Box is very popular for product design testing and calibration because it can be substituted into a circuit and function in the place of any component with a standard value easily...
Inc VAT£166.99
Brand: Extech Model: 380400
Features: * 1% Resistance substitution from 1 to 11,111,110? * Seven Decade Ranges of Resistance * Values can be set in 1? increments * Durable construction * Case may be grounded separately * 3 binding posts permit isolated substitutions * Dims: 116.8 x 144.8 x 35.6mm   Product Informa..
Inc VAT£126.37
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