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Brand: BURNTEC Model: CT-30
A pocket sized continuity tester with remote probe. Ideal for testing local components, devices and cable assemblies but also installed cables using the remote probe. Ideal for use in verifying connections and labeling conductors Remote or local continuity testing Remote probe with holder Re..
Inc VAT£17.99
Brand: Extech Model: CT20
Remote & Local Continuity Tester One person operation for wire and cable testing: Local continuity checking is accomplished by a bright flashing LED and loud pulsating beeper Remote continuity with the use of the remote probe, it does not tie-up two people when identifying and labelling long..
Inc VAT£31.02
Brand: Extech Model: 40180
Tone Generator and Amplifier Probe Kit with BT 431 Adaptor Heavy duty kit with audible tone easily identifies wires or cables Insulated inductive probe tip prevents shorting conductors. Tests include wire trace, continuity test, clear/busy/ringing line test and tip/ring identification. Alligator ..
Inc VAT£93.16
Brand: Hobbes Model: 256800
GIGA-X is an economical and versatile tool. It helps network administrators and installer to layout 10/100/1000BASE-T network environments. GIGA-X also allows for trouble-free deployment of new Switch/NIC Ethernet network devices for business expansion. Network installers and administrators will fin..
Inc VAT£215.99
Brand: Hobbes Model: 258898
The third generation of PC Cable Tester Hobbes TEST-i, a specially designed multi-function cable tester that tests and analyzes a comprehensive range of PC connector types and the most commonly used flat cables. The Hobbes TEST-i not only tests each pins connection to identify open circuits, short c..
Inc VAT£263.99
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