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Temperature Probes

Temperature Probes
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Extech Air RTD Temperature Probe 850189
Air Temperature Probe. -200 to 400°C..
£89.24 +VAT
Extech Bead Wire Temperature probe TP873
Bead wire temperature probe, with 0.91m cable. Subminiature Type K with banana connector. Range -30..
£13.35 +VAT
Extech General Purpose RTD Temperature Probe 850187
General Purpose Temperature Probe for use with RTD Meters..
£89.24 +VAT
Extech High Temperature Penetration Probe TP882
203mm High Temperature Penetration Probe 183cm Cable Probe Diameter 3.3mm Type K Range: -46 to 528°C..
£40.13 +VAT
Extech Surface RTD Temperature Probe 850186
Surface Temperature Probe. -200 to 250°C..
£80.86 +VAT
Extech Type K connector Bead wire Temperature Probe TP870
1 metre Subminiature Type K Connector -40 to 250°C (-40 to 482°F)..
£13.79 +VAT
Extech Type K Immersion Probe (-50 to 700°C) 881603
Type K high temperature probe with mini connectorFeatures:* High temperature range: -50 to 700°C (-5..
£40.13 +VAT
Extech Type K Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe TP200
Hands-free superheat / sub-cooling temperature measurement without the use of tape or Velcro Spri..
£35.67 +VAT
Extech USB Temperature Datalogger TH10
USB interface for easy set-up and data download Datalogs 32,000 Temperature readings Dew point i..
£47.28 +VAT
Extech 392050 Penetration Stem Dial Thermometer
Stem thermometer ideal for measuring temperature in HVAC applications such as air ducts, vents, and ..
£24.96 +VAT
Extech 850188 Thermistor probe (0 to 65.0°C) for 407227 / 407228
Extech 850188: Thermistor probe (32 to 149°F)  0 to 65.0°C (32 to 149°F) Thermistor probe with..
£50.85 +VAT
Extech 850190 Thermistor probe 0 to 90.0°C (32 to 194°F) for Extech 341350A-P
Extech 850190: Thermistor probe (32 to 194°F) 32 to 194°F (0 to 90.0°C) Thermistor probe with 0.1° ..
£41.03 +VAT
Extech 872502 Bead Wire Type J Temperature Probe (-200 to 200°C)
Extech 872502: Bead Wire Type J Temperature Probe -200 to 200°C (-328 to 392°F) Temperature probe w..
£14.24 +VAT
Extech TP875 Bead Wire Type K Temperature Probe (-50 to 538°C)
Bead Wire Type K Temperature Probe (-50 to 538°C) Type K high temperature probe with mini connector..
£28.53 +VAT
IRT500: Dual Laser IR Thermal Scanner with Adjustable Display
20:1 Infrared Thermometer with Audible Alarm and 3-Color LED Indicator Measurement range: -58 to ..
£116.03 +VAT