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Sigma USB Logic Analyzer

Sigma USB Logic Analyzer
Sigma USB Logic Analyzer
SIGMA is a powerful, fast, flexible, user-friendly and cost effective logic analyzer with extremely large event memory, real-time hardware compression and complex trigger logic. Moreover, SIGMA is ready for other debugging features by software updates and add-on modules. SIGMA operates on a USB port and requires no external power supply.

Extremely large event memory

256 Megabit SDRAM memory is used and further enhanced using a real-time hardware compression which allows for 14680064 sample storage or for more than 45 minutes of recording.

Flexible input/sample speed options

* 16 inputs at 50 MHz (and lower sample speed)
* 8 inputs at 100 MHz
* 4 inputs at 200 MHz

Complex trigger logic

Many various triggering options in the 16 inputs/50 MHz mode:

* Any value or edge on any input condition
* Defined duration of the condition ("longer than" and/or "shorter than")
* Sequence of two different conditions
* 16-bit counter - triggering after N-th occurence of the condition
* Extensive condition definition options using logical functions (N)AND

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