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The reviews are correct, this is a very good Multi..
Mark Hampton
Great unit, Wireless feature is very useful. ..
Dave Williams

Presto - USB ICSP Programmer Pic, AVR

Presto - USB ICSP Programmer Pic, AVR
Price: £99.99 +VAT
2 or more £87.99 +VAT
5 or more £84.99 +VAT
10 or more £79.99 +VAT

Product Code: PRESTO
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Device support includes:

IC, dsPIC, AVR, Atmel 8051, eCOG, serial EEPROM & Flash, JTAG, CPLD, AT91SAM7 32-bit ARM-based MCUs, Texas Instruments MSP430 support.

PRESTO is a powerful, very fast and cost effective programmer for wide range of popular components - microcontrollers, serial EEPROM and Flash memory chip, CPLDs and others. PRESTO operates on the USB port and requires no external power supply.

High speed

PRESTO is optimized for speed and it is really very fast, for example the full PIC18F8720 is programmed and verified in 6 seconds! (3 seconds for programming and 3 seconds for verification). Complete eCOG1 in less than 3 seconds.

Many devices supported

Hundreds of devices are supported by the UP software and the list is growing continuously. Moreover, many other parts can be programmed using JTAG. For more information, see the paragraph "Wide range of supported devices" below.

Enhanced programming interface

In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) is a very useful and often used PIC feature. PRESTO directly supports this function using a dedicated connector and an included cable. In comparison to other ASIX' programmers

Complete list of all supported devices (Note PRESTO SUPPORT IS SHOWN IN THE RIGHT HAND COLUMN)


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