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Moisture & Damp Meters

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Damp Detector for DIY, caravans and mobile homes DD100
Great value damp detector Hand-held tester to detect dampness in masonry, plaster and wood. ..
£9.99 +VAT
Extech Heavy Duty Soil Moisture Meter Garden MO750
Integrated 20cm Heavy Duty Moisture Probe monitors the moisture level in soil * Soil moisture conte..
£239.24 +VAT
Extech Pinless Ball Moisture Meter MO257
Non-invasive moisture content measurements in wood/building materials Features: Relative pinless m..
£178.53 +VAT
Extech Pinless Moisture Meter MO280
Non-Invasive moisture content of building materials and wood * Quickly indicates the moisture conte..
£94.60 +VAT
Extech Water Damage Restoration Kit MO280-KW
To monitor job site conditions, progress and insurance company reporting * Specifically designed fo..
£348.17 +VAT
Extech Wood & Building Material Moisture Meter MO210
2-in-1 Digital LCD readout and analog bargraph * Use on wall board, sheet rock, cardboard, plaster..
£80.31 +VAT
Extech Wood Moisture Detector MO220
Specifically designed for monitoring moisture in wood * Memory contains 8 wood groups with calibrat..
£151.74 +VAT
Digital Moisture Meter with Temperature 3 in 1 Wood damp meter for logs and more
Digital Moisture Meter for use with Wood & Building Materials. The Burntec BT-018 offers accura..
£9.99 +VAT
Extech MO2080-RK Restoration Contractor’s Kit with MO280 MO220 RH490 RHT10 Meters
EXTECH MO280-RK Restoration Contractor’s Kit A complete solution for the Restoration Contractor Fe..
£435.12 +VAT
Extech MO230 Pocket Moisture Meter - Wood and other building materials
The Extech MO230 Moisture Meter detects moisture in wood and building materials such as wall board, ..
£116.03 +VAT
Extech MO260 Combination Pin Pinless Moisture Meter
Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter Monitor wood/building materials' moisture content without su..
£254.42 +VAT
Extech MO260-RK Restoration Kit - Moisture Meter & Precision Hygro-Thermometer
MO260-RK: Restoration Kit A complete solution for the Restoration Contractor Features: MO260 - ..
£356.21 +VAT
Extech MO265 Combination Pin & Pinless Moisture Meter - with External Probe Socket
Combination Pin & Pinless Moisture Meter Monitor wood/building materials' moisture content with..
£325.85 +VAT
Extech MO270 Wireless Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter
Combination moisture meter with graphical LCD and detachable sensor Detachable sensors transmit d..
£538.99 +VAT
Extech MO290-BP Moisture Baseboard Probe
MO290-BP: Moisture Baseboard Probe Dual fixed flat pins with 10.5cm (4.1") pin length Surface prob..
£80.31 +VAT