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Light Meters

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Extech Digital & Analog display Light Meter LT300
Digital and Analog Display of light in Foot-candles or Lux Wide range to 20,000 Foot Candles or L..
£142.81 £128.53
Extech EasyView Big Digit Light Meter EA31
Measures light intensity up to 20,000 Fc/Lux * Compact and rugged design with large display and bar..
£124.96 £112.46
Extech EasyView Big Digit Wide range Light Meter EA30
Part No. EA30 Used for high intensity measurements to 40,000Fc plus large display with bargraph. * C..
£166.03 £149.43
Extech EasyView Light Meter with Memory - EA33
Large LCD display with advanced illuminance functions and features. Wide mesurement range to 999,..
£249.96 £224.96
Extech Foot Candle / Lux Meter 401025
Includes analog output and fast/slow response feature. * Accurately displays light level in terms o..
£131.21 £118.09
Extech Heavy duty Light Meter with PC Interface 407026
Enhance accuracy by selecting one of four lighting types plus PC interface. % displays differenti..
£174.06 £156.65
Extech Pocket Foot Candle Light Meter 401027
Measure up to 2,000Fc for basic lighting applications. * Easy to operate Foot candle light meter wit..
£82.10 £73.89
Extech USB Large Display Light Meter HD400
Large backlit display with fast, 40-segment bar graph for capturing trends * Wide range to 4,000Fc o..
£151.74 £136.57
Extech USB Light Meter with Datalogger HD450
Automatically stores up to 16,000 readings or manually store / recall up to 99 readings Records i..
£182.99 £164.69
Extech Light Meter / Datalogger records to SD Card SDL400
SDL400: Light Meter/Datalogger Records data on an SD card in Excel® format Features: Wide ran..
£234.78 £211.30
Extech LT40 LED light meter
Measure the Light Intensity for White LED Lights   Measure LED and Standard Lighting in Lux ..
£102.63 £92.37
LT45 Color LED Light Meter
Measure the Light Intensity for Color LED Lights Measure White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Pur..
£267.81 £241.03