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Cable Testers

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Cable Identifier / Tester & Multimeter
Cable Identifier / Tester and digital Multimeter Identifier and cable continuity tester for up t..
£39.99 +VAT
Continuity Tester Pro - Local and Remote CT-30
A pocket sized continuity tester with remote probe. Ideal for testing local components, devices an..
£14.99 +VAT
Extech CT40 16-Line Cable Identifier / Tester Kit
Troubleshoot electrical / electronic circuits and identify up to 16 local or installed lines Featur..
£88.35 +VAT
Extech Remote & Local Continuity Tester CT20
Remote & Local Continuity Tester One person operation for wire and cable testing: Local contin..
£25.85 +VAT
Extech Tone Generator and Amplifier Probe Kit 40180 supplied with with BT 431 adaptor
Tone Generator and Amplifier Probe Kit with BT 431 Adaptor Heavy duty kit with audible tone easil..
£77.63 +VAT
Extech Wireless AC Circuit Identifier (869MHz) with External Probe RT32
Local & Remote non-contact Voltage Detection + Remote Light Detection * Combines non-contact v..
£76.99 +VAT
Hobbes Giga X Online Network Status Tester up to 1Gbit/s 256800
GIGA-X is an economical and versatile tool. It helps network administrators and installer to layout ..
£179.99 +VAT
Hobbes GIGAtest-E Cable Tester E-650
The E-650 cable tester is specially designed to test the full range of the ever-expanding Ethernet c..
£34.99 +VAT
Hobbes HDMI Cable / Lead Tester E-851
The HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) tester is designed to check and trouble-shoot the ..
£44.99 +VAT
Hobbes HDMI Cable Mapper / Tester E-852
The Hobbes Innovation HDMImapper (HDMI High Definition Cable Tester) is designed to test and troub..
£49.99 +VAT
Hobbes SOHOtest-E F-Tpye Coax Cable Tester E-450
SOHOtest-E is designed to test the most commonly used cables in a residential/home office environm..
£22.99 +VAT
Hobbes Tooltest HTC-0022
Hobbes Tooltest™ is a small hand held cable map tester. It enables network professionals to quickl..
£49.99 +VAT
Tone & Probe Set - Wire / Cable Tracer
Tone Generator & Probe Set This tone & probe set is a basic necessity for anyone runnin..
£34.99 +VAT
Eagle Coax Cable Mapper - for use with Satellite & CCTV Cables
Eagle Coax Cable Mapper Coax cable mapper designed to find and identify ..
£39.99 +VAT
Greenlee Classic Tone and Probe Kit - Amplifier Generator Wire & Cable Tracer 701 KIT
Model: 701 KIT Recognised by technicians around the world as the industry standard for cable and w..
£99.99 +VAT