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HPR3V3 is an optional accessory to the PRESTO programmer for programming of stand-alone 3.3 V devices (as for example DataFlash Memories). The PRESTO programmer can supply a programmed device with 5 V. However, some devices require 3.3 V supply voltage and 3.3 V logic levels on their pins. In such case, the HPR3V3 level shifter or an external 3.3 V power supply have to be used.

Note: The HPR3V3 pins are unidirectional, so this level shifter can be used for AVR devices, SPI Flash memories or MSP430 devices without SBW interface, but it is not intended for PIC devices and MSP430 devices with SBW interface.


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3.3 V Level Shifter for the ASIX PRESTO Programmer

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Product Code HPR3V3