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Cable Identifier / Tester & Multimeter
Cable Identifier / Tester and digital Multimeter Identifier and cable continuity tester for up t..
USB to RS485 Converter 9 Way FTDI Chipset
This USB 2.0 to RS485 Serial Converter allows any USB equipped PC/Notebook to utilise the 9 Way se..
2 in 1 Digital Multimeter with Cable Tester
A combined cable tester and digital multimeter with external tone probe. The tester can verify con..
Car fuse adapter Multimeter addon
Car fuse current Multimeter add-on Adaptor. * Connector Type:Max Blade Car Fuse, 2x Banana Plugs * ..
Hobbes NETmapper Pro with Dig. Probe Kit 256850PK
Details This set is composed of NETmapper Pro + Digital Probe Kit Displays the Ethernet por..
Extech PH100 / PH110 Replacement Battery Set
Replacement set of 4 x CR2032 Batteries for use with:Extech PH100Extech PH110..
Continuity Tester Pro - Local and Remote CT-30
A pocket sized continuity tester with remote probe. Ideal for testing local components, devices an..
Master Electronic Tool Kit
A tool kit containing a wide range of tools associated with electronic engineering and servicing a..
36V 400W Projector Lamp GY6.35
36V 400W  Lamp which is often found in Overhead Projectors. Used in the following projector..
PVK40 Microchip PIC feature rich development board
PVK40 is a feature rich development board for the 40-pin PIC® Flash MCUs - PIC16F87x, PIC16F7x, P..
Asix USB to RS232 Conversion Cable
UCAB232 is a USB to RS232 converter based on FT232BL chip by the company FTDI.UCAB232 consists of a ..
RJ11 / RJ45 Network Cable Tester
RJ11 / RJ45 Network Cable Tester Quickly and easily check RJ11/RJ45 network cables Check..
Cable & Wire Tracer / Tracker Kit Tone & Probe MS6812
The MS6812 cable tracker is designed to identify and trace wires or cables within a group without ..
Damp Detector for DIY, caravans and mobile homes DD100
Great value damp detector Hand-held tester to detect dampness in masonry, plaster and wood. ..
EHJ 250W 24V Overhead Projector Lamp EHJ250W24V
Projection Lamp - EHJ 250W - 24V Projection Lamp. EHJ 250W - 24V. Suitable for Over Head Pro..