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Hobbes NETmapper - Network Cable Mapper 256850
The NETmapper is a unique and versatile tool for professional network administrators to quickly ve..
Extech Digital USB Mini Microscope MC108
Capture and download up to 60 jpg images (320x240 pixels) to your PC 1.8" TFT Colour LCD Screen ..
Extech FLIR B40 Thermal Imaging infrared Camera for Buildings
FLIR B40 Infrared Thermal Camera with extra features for monitoring buildings The FLIR B40 is a heav..
Extech SD800 CO2 Humidity Temperature Datalogger Records Directly to SD Memory Card
Extech SD800 CO2/Temperature/Humidity Datalogger. This meter measures, displays, and stores C..
Extech SDL200 4 Channel SD Card Datalogging Thermometer
SDL200: 4-Channel Datalogging ThermometerRecords data on an SD card in Excel® format Features: ..
Extech Heavy Duty Vane Thermo-Anemometer with PC Interface 407112
Low friction vane provides high accuracy. * Microprocessor assures maximum accuracy plus special fun..
Extech Non-Contact AC Voltage and Current Detector DVA30
Detects and pinpoints wide range Voltage and Current with Sensitivity adjust. FEATURES: * The o..
Extech Heavy duty Light Meter with PC Interface 407026
Enhance accuracy by selecting one of four lighting types plus PC interface. % displays differ..
Extech Pen Autoranging DMM with Non-Contact Voltage Detector 381676
Autoranging multimeter with rotary dial  Large 2000 count high contrast LCD display ..
Extech Non-contact Photo Tachometer (Light) 461893
* Make non-contact rpm measurements of rotating objects * Use reflective tape on object to be mea..
Extech Electrical Test Lead Kit TL810
Double Insulated with CAT III-1000V Rating for your protection. Our 6 piece electrical test lead ..
Extech Bix (Lubricants) Portable Refractometer RF18
Portable Brix Refractometer for use with lubricants Maintain proper lubricant cooling concentrati..
Extech USB Temperature Datalogger TH10
USB interface for easy set-up and data download Datalogs 32,000 Temperature readings Dew ..
Extech Heavy Duty Industrial Waterproof Multimeter IP67 EX503
Waterproof (IP67) rugged design for heavy duty use 4,000 count 0.5% accuracy Data hol..
Extech Temperature / Humidity USB Datalogger RHT10
Features * Datalogs 32,000 readings (16,000 for each parameter:Humidity/Temperature) * Dew poin..