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Extech Type K Dual Input Thermometer With Kelvin TM200
Multifunction LCD with backlight * Displays [T1 and T2] or [T1-T2 and T1] or [T1-T2 and T2] * Select..
Extech Portable Sucrose Brix Refractometer (0 to 10%) ATC RF11
Measures the concentration of sugar in fruit juice and industrial fluids Compact size, easy t..
Extech 11 Function True RMS professional Multimeter EX430
True RMS, Autoranging DMM with large digit LCD display and temperature function True RMS DMM ..
Extech Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point and Wet B CO250
Measures Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, and Wet Bulb Checks for Car..
Extech Double Molded Silicone Test Lead Set TL726
TL726 - Double Molded Silicone Test Lead SetRight angle and straight end flexible leads with shroude..
Extech 3-in-1 Humidity, Temperature and Airflow meter 45160
Eronomic pocket size housing, large dual LCD. * Simultaneously displays Temperature and Air Velo..
Extech Waterproof Dissolved Oxygen Meter - DO600
Easy to replace screw on membrane cap. Oxygen level displayed as % Saturation or Concentratio..
Extech EasyView Big Digit Light Meter EA31
Measures light intensity up to 20,000 Fc/Lux * Compact and rugged design with large display and..
Extech Digital Mini MultiMeter MN35
Manual Ranging with 8 Functions 1.5V and 9V Battery tests under load * Large easy to read digi..
Extech Digital StroboTach (240V) 461831
Freeze motion and analyze rotating objects without contact.* Checks and analyzes motion and speed by..
Extech Passive Component LCR meter 380193
Measures Inductance, Capacitance and Resistance with secondary parameter (Q,D,R) Features: ..
Extech Portable Brix Refractometers (Sucrose) RF10
Sucrose RefractometerSucrose brix refractometers measure the concentration of sugar in fruit juice a..
Extech EasyView Hygro-Thermometer and Datalogger EA25
Stores up to 15,000 readings for PC download Programmable Start / Stop datalogging time and sampl..
Extech Heavy Duty Vibration Meter 407860
Measure Velocity, Acceleration and Displacement plus built-in PC interface FEATURES:  ..
Extech PocketTach Mini Contact Tachometer 461750
For rpm and surface speed measurements Features: * Surface wheels enable tachometer to measure ..