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The reviews are correct, this is a very good Multi..
Mark Hampton
Great unit, Wireless feature is very useful. ..
Dave Williams

USB Curve Tracer & 9 in 1 Test & Repair Oscilloscope VI Tester with IR Temperature Sensor - FADOS9F1

USB Curve Tracer & 9 in 1 Test & Repair Oscilloscope VI Tester with IR Temperature Sensor  - FADOS9F1
USB Curve Tracer & 9 in 1 Test & Repair Oscilloscope VI Tester with IR Temperature Sensor  - FADOS9F1 USB Curve Tracer & 9 in 1 Test & Repair Oscilloscope VI Tester with IR Temperature Sensor  - FADOS9F1
Brand: Burntec
Product Code: FADOS9F1
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Price: £1,599.99
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FADOS9F1 - USB powered 9 in 1 test unit for electronic circuit fault finding and testing.
With IR Temperature sensor

The FADOS9F1 Fault Detector, PC Oscilloscope and IR Temperature sensor is a computer-based VI (Voltage-Current) test unit that connects to a PC via USB port and by applying sinusoidal voltage through to the circuit can then display the voltage-current graph on the computer screen.

Pre-recorded wave forms and measurements can be loaded and compared with the circuit under test to help locate faults.


1. Double-channel Fault Detection (VI Graph)
    Comparing working and faulty circuits without power to the circuit
2. Fault Detection by Comparison from Memory
    By recording working circuit to memory, comparing faulty card from

3. Equivalent Circuit Diagram
    Composing R, C, or Diode Circuit Diagram according to the point

4. Measuring of Resistor, Capacitor, and Diode
    Feature of measuring the value of touched point
5. Double-channel Digital PC Oscilloscope
    As occasion may require, device can be used as oscilloscope
6. 0.2... 25KHz Square Wave Signal Output
   Ch.1 is used as oscilloscope and Ch.2 is used as signal generator
7. Analogue Voltage Output (2,5 mV Sensitivity)
   Ch.1 is used as oscilloscope and Ch.2 gives analog voltage output
DC Power Supply Output with Adjustable Voltage and Current  ****
   For giving energy to circuit and creating Power DC Voltage-Current Graph
9. Non Touched IR Temperature Sensor ****
   For detecting more heated components and produce heat map of circuit.

**     These Functions are Unique Features of 7F1 and 9F1
**** These Functions are New Unique Features of 9F1


Product Information

Datasheet Manual




Example Screens




Capacitor Quality Testing

When “Capacitor Test” is selected, an additional curve displaying the quality of capacitor appears.
If this curve is at horizontal axis or close to it, quality is high and quality is low as much as the angle degree is high.
High quality capacitor generates a horizontal line.


Extech EX330 MultiMeter with Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector / Temperature

Output Voltage ±1V, ±2V, ±5V, ±10V    
Output Resistance Current Level Low 47 Kohm
    Medium 2.7 Kohm
    High 550 Ohm
Short Circuit Current Low Current   212  µA (10V)
  Medium Current   3.7   mA (10V)
  High Current   18   mA (10V)
Test Frequency Very Low Frequency   2 Hz
  Low2 Frequency   3.4   Hz
  Low1 Frequency   10.3 Hz
  Test Frequency   27.3 Hz
  High Frequency   780  Hz
Other Features    
1: Automatic selection steps of voltage, current, frequency.
2: Equivalent circuit diagram.      
3: Resistor, capacitors, diodes etc measurement.
4: Recording data and comparing with recorded data.
5: 3 graphs at different adjustments can be screened simultaneously.
Sampling Rate 400 K/S    
Input Voltage Probe 1X: ±5 V Probe 10X: ±50 V  
Channel / ADC 2 Channel / 12 Bit    
Sensivity 2.5 mV    
Image Rate 0.02 mS/div….100 mS/div    
Instant Memory 64 Kbyte      
Output Channel 2      
Output  Voltage -5V….+5V  (Adjustable)      
Frequency (Digital): From 0.2KHz to 25KHz      


Product Content   Physical Features (Without Accessories)
1 FADOS7F1 Product Dimensions 75 mm Width  
2 Oscilloscope Probes   40 mm Height  
1 USB Cable   20 mm Deep  
1 Software CD Weights 450 gram with all accessories  
1 Carry Case for FADOS7F1      


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