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Hobbes SmartProbe 256712D
The Hobbes SmarTone & SmartProbe Kit is a revolutionary network installation and troubleshooti..
Hobbes POEfinder - Checks your network for POE Power 256300
“PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology is increasingly being used in many network equipments suc..
Hobbes Tone Generator + Probe Kit 256713A
The Hobbes Tone Generator is a highly practical network installation and troubleshooting tool, whi..
Hobbes LANtest Kit 256551
The Hobbes LANtest is the simplest and most affordable wire-mapping device for networking cables a..
Hobbes NetFinder Plus 8 Remotes - Built in Tone Generator 256777
The NETfinder Plus is a versatile and convenient tester; it can test both network and telephone ca..
Hobbes Netfinder Pro with 18 remotes 256555
Netfinder Pro with 18 remotes. Details NETfinder Pro is an expanded version of NETfinder.&nbs..
Hobbes NETtest-E Network Cable Tester E-400
The NETest-E is designed to provide quick and clear results for testing network cable continuity a..
Hobbes Digital WiFi Detector & locator with Signal Strength Meter WL-F601 PRO
The WL-F601 is a useful Wi-Fi signal locating and analyzing device, it has the capability to detec..
Hobbes LANtest Pro Network Cable Tester 256652A
The LANtest pro is a small hand-held tester which enables the user to quickly read the status of t..
Hobbes SOHOtest-E F-Tpye Coax Cable Tester E-450
SOHOtest-E is designed to test the most commonly used cables in a residential/home office environm..
Hobbes LANsmart Pro & SMARTprobe Kit 256003PK
LANsmart Pro is a hand-held, multifunction Cable Map Tester and Cable Length Meter. All-in-on..
Hobbes LANtest Pro with Tone Generator 256652AT
LANtest Pro with Tone Generator Find out what's going on with your LAN lines. This Ethernet cab..
Hobbes LANtest-E Network Cable Tester E-551
LANtest-E features a brand new compact design with the functions of the original LANtest. It is pr..
Hobbes LANtest Pro and Probe Kit with noise filter 256652A/TFK
The LANtest Pro is a small hand-held tester that enables the user to quickly read the status of Et..
LANtest Pro w Tone Gen. and Probe Kit (w/o Filter)..