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Cable Testers

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Hobbes HDMI Cable Mapper / Tester E-852
The Hobbes Innovation HDMImapper (HDMI High Definition Cable Tester) is designed to test and troub..
Hobbes GIGAtest-E Cable Tester E-650
The E-650 cable tester is specially designed to test the full range of the ever-expanding Ethernet c..
Hobbes Giga X Online Network Status Tester up to 1Gbit/s 256800
GIGA-X is an economical and versatile tool. It helps network administrators and installer to layou..
Hobbes HDMI Cable / Lead Tester E-851
The HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) tester is designed to check and trouble-shoot the ..
Hobbes Tooltest HTC-0022
Hobbes Tooltest™ is a small hand held cable map tester. It enables network professionals to quic..
2 in 1 Digital Multimeter with Cable Tester
A combined cable tester and digital multimeter with external tone probe. The tester can verify con..
Extech Wireless AC Circuit Identifier (914MHz) with External Probe RT30
Local & Remote non-contact Voltage Detection + Remote Light Detection * Combines non-contact..
Cable Identifier / Tester & Multimeter
Cable Identifier / Tester and digital Multimeter Identifier and cable continuity tester for up t..
Continuity Tester Pro - Local and Remote CT-30
A pocket sized continuity tester with remote probe. Ideal for testing local components, devices an..
Extech CT40 16-Line Cable Identifier / Tester Kit
Troubleshoot electrical / electronic circuits and identify up to 16 local or installed lines Fea..
Extech Remote & Local Continuity Tester CT20
Remote & Local Continuity Tester One person operation for wire and cable testing: Local co..
Tone & Probe Set - Wire / Cable Tracer
Tone Generator & Probe Set This tone & probe set is a basic necessity for anyone runnin..
Extech Network Cable Tester CT100
Continuity Tester for twisted pair cables and F type coaxial cables. Features: Twisted Pair Fea..
Extech Wireless AC Circuit Identifier (869MHz) with External Probe RT32
Local & Remote non-contact Voltage Detection + Remote Light Detection * Combines non-contac..
Extech Wire Tracer / Tone Generator Kit TG30
TG30: Wire Tracer/Tone Generator Kit Trace communciations and coaxial cables Non-Contact pro..